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Campus Stops


UNCG Campus Stops

UNCG: Tate & West Market, Graham Building, Spring Garden & College and Spring Garden & Kenilworth

UNCG Additional Stops: Walker & Warren, Walker & Tremont, Walker & Chapman, Spring Garden & Mayflower, Spring Garden & Eula, Spring Garden & Chapman, Spring Garden & Scott, Spring Garden &Northridge, Spring Garden & Willowbrook, 915 Northridge, 1105 Park Terrace, Park Terrace & Oakland, Chapman & Sherwood Apartments, Chapman & Brice and Lee & Fulton (Fulton Place Apartments)

A&T Campus Stops

North Carolina A&T State University: McConnell & Benbow, McConnell & Dewitt, McConnell & Booker, Booker & Cunningham, Benbow & Aggie Suites, Lindsay & Boyd,Dewey & Park, Park & Sullivan, Park & Bessemer, Bessemer & Circle, Lindsay & Headquarters, Lindsay &Aggie Stadium entrance, Benbow & Aggie Terrace, Market & Laurel, Market and Benbow and Bluford Circle

Elon School of Law

Elon University School of Law: Friendly & Greene, Market & Commerce and Elon Law Student Parking

Bennet College Campus Stops

Bennett College:Gorrell Street