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Rider Guidelines, Safety and Convenience

Animals - Only trained guide and service animals assisting persons with disabilities are permitted on vehicles. Click here to read our Service Animal Policy.

Bicycle RacksHEAT and GTA buses are equipped with bicycles racks located on the front of the vehicle. The racks can accommodate two (2) bicycles and passengers are solely responsible for safely securing and removing their bicycles from the rack. Bicycles are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis; bikes are not permitted on board vehicles. Loading and unloading bicycles on HEAT and GTA vehicles is the sole responsibility of the rider. As your bus approaches, please have your bike ready to load. Please secure any loose items on the bike. Once the vehicle comes to a stop, please make sure your operator is aware that you will be loading a bicycle onto the bus bicycle rack. HEAT and GTA are not responsible for your bicycle while in transit. From the curbside, lower the light-weight rack and lift your bike into position in the rack’s wheel wells. Pull the support arm out and up over the front tire of the bike. Once you reach your destination, please advise your operator that you will be removing your bike from the rack. To unload your bike, just follow the loading instructions in reverse.

Cell Phones – Cellular telephones are permitted to be used on vehicles. Please be considerate of other passengers by keeping your voice low and keeping conversations to a minimum.

Drinking – Please refrain from consuming beverages of any kind while on board vehicles. Closed beverage containers are permitted on board but beverages may not be consumed while on the vehicle. Eating – Please refrain from eating while on board vehicles. Headphones – Passengers must use headphones when listening to portable electronic devices. Please keep the volume at a reasonable level to avoid disturbing your fellow riders. Inclement Weather – HEAT is sometimes forced to delay or discontinue service in the event of severe weather conditions. Questions about service during extreme weather conditions may be directed to the GTA Customer Service Center at 335-6499 or check our web site at or You may also check your local television or radio news updates or dial 511 or 211 for the latest information on weather-related delays. HEAT/GTA Updates - For the latest changes in service, you can follow us on Twitter by sending a text message to 40404 with follow gtaheat in the message area. Lost and Found – Items found on HEAT and GTA vehicles may be turned into the vehicle operator. Found items also may be dropped off at the J. DouglasGalyon Depot located at 236-C East Washington Street. To report lost items on GTA vehicles please contact our Customer Service Center at 335-6499. Lost items may be picked up at the GTA Administrative Offices, 233 West Meadowview Road. Items are kept for 30 days; perishable items are discarded the same day. Smoking – Smoking is not permitted on board GTA vehicles.
Standing Passengers – In the event a seat is not available on your HEAT or GTA bus, you may stand in the aisle behind the yellow line clearly marked on the floor at the front of the vehicle. Please do not sit in the rear door stairwell as it represents a safety hazard to both you and your fellow riders. Wheelchair Lifts – All HEAT and GTA vehicles are equipped with wheelchair lifts to better accommodate our riders with disabilities. Lifts can accommodate wheelchairs that do not exceed 30 inches in width, 48 inches in length (measured two inches above the ground) and does not weigh more than 600 pounds when occupied. Wheelchairs must be secured in the area designated on the vehicles and assistance will be provided by your HEAT or GTA operator.