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Please click on Download PDF link to view bus arrival times while the display times on the page are updated. Thank you for your patience.

Additional Stop Locations:

  • Between Spring Garden & Elam and Spring Garden & Kenilworth include: Spring Garden & Chapman; Spring Garden & Eula; Spring Garden & Mayflower.
  • Between UNCG Library Tower and Spring Garden & Elam include: Walker & Warren, Walker & Granite, Walker & Chapman and Chapman & Sherwood Apts.
  • Between Spring Garden & Kenilworth and UNCG Library Tower include: UNCG (Graham Building), Tate & Walker and Tate & Market..

ROUTE 73 - UNCG HEAT - may operate on a limited schedule on weekdays when UNCG is not in session. Please refer to website or Customer Service for updates.

Outbound Buses
Inbound Buses